The Performance Factory Pty Ltd and all related entities under Mobile Embrace Ltd have officially become Impelus Ltd (ASX: IMS)
Impelus Limited
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It’s business as usual in the meantime and the TPF team can be contacted via current details.

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To understand how effective your marketing and advertising efforts are, its important to know how much it's costing you at each stage of the sales process. This includes how much is it costing you to generate leads (CPA), drive traffic to your website (CPC) and ultimately, convert the leads into sales (CPS). The Factory's calculator helps you understand where your marketing strengths lie and where they can be improved. It also helps you determine how much campaign budget you may need to achieve your desired business goals.


CPA calculator

Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) $
Click through rate (CTR) %
Your cost per acquisition (CPA)
Conversion rate (traffic to leads) %

Plan a campaign or CALCULATE YOU ROI

Use this calculator to work out how effective your advertising spend is. You can change the input and output fields depending on what you'd like to know. For example, you can determine what conversion rate you will need to achieve a positive ROI or you can even work out how much budget you will need to achieve your sales revenue targets based on known conversion rates.

Breakeven rate is 1.25%
  • Sales revenue $-
  • Net revenue $-
  • Campaign ROI -%

What is cost per acquisition (CPA)?

Cost Per Acquisition is sometimes referred to as Cost Per Lead and is essentially the cost of obtaining the contact details of a person who has given permission to be contacted in relation to an advertisement. Once you have received this lead, you can then use your own sales processes to convert the lead into a sale, calculate your cost per sale and finally, your return on your advertising investment.

Effective digital advertising happens when you achieve the volume of leads your business can handle and generate more sales revenue than the cost of those leads.

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We are becoming Impelus Pty Ltd.